Friends of the Murrieta Library | P.O.Box 235 | Murrieta, CA 92564

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All programs are about 10:30 A.M. in the Community Room of the
Murrieta Public Library following the 10:00 A.M. General Meeting, unless otherwise noted.

Programs for 2017 Programs From Our Past

Sometimes, it’s fun just to look back and remember some of the programs that were presented in the past. Click on any image below to bring up the poster from past programs. Which one was YOUR favorite?

April, 2011

Laurel Corona

May, 2011

Daniel Rocca

June, 2011

Barbara Kolberg

October, 2011

Denise Hamilton

November, 2011

Frank Marter

September, 2011

Julie Weber-Grice

February, 2012

Paula Sassi

March, 2012

Olivia Andem

April, 2012

Gary B. Speck

May, 2012

Ken Kuhlken

June, 2012

Rosa P. Dungereaux

September, 2012

Susan Straight

November, 2012

Derrick & Justine Tiu

October, 2012

Literary Panel of
Senior Writers

March, 2013

Gena Philibert Ortega

May, 2013

Tom Begley

April, 2013

Lia Fairchild

June, 2013

Rhea-Frances Tetley

September, 2013

Gordon Johnson

November, 2013

Nico Ayala & Serena Gu

October, 2013

Gayle Brandeis

March, 2011

Ann Mauer

February, 2010

Mano Bakhi

March, 2010

Steve Williamson

April, 2010

Ron Gentile

May, 2010

Kim Goodnough
Michelle’s Place

June, 2010

Vera Clark

September, 2010

Alfred Theurich

October, 2010

Kate Jacobs

November, 2010

Jeri Westerson

February, 2011

Bob Schultz

April, 2014

Virginia Murphy

May, 2014

Yiyi Ku


Maxine Holmgren

February, 2014

Michael Meyer

February, 2013

Mark Ozeroff

June, 2014

Carl Love

September, 2014

Carol Fitzpatrick

October, 2014

Bryn Potter

November, 2014

Yiyi Ku

Elizabeth Monacelli

As a reminder, there are no programs during July, August and December,
or after the Annual Meeting in January.

2012 - 2017
Programs Chair
Maggie Pilotte & Judy Call

March 2015

Ricardo Breceda

April 2015

Karl Weiler

May 2015

Maria Pease

February 2015

Eve Gaal

June 2015

Andrew Tang

September 2015

Jeanne Nelson

October 2015


November 2015

Rick Gibbs

February 2016

William Lynes, MD

March 2016

Dr. Lela Llorens

April 2016

Jennifer, Elizabeth
and Nathan Cox

May 2016

Tara Fall

June 2016

Bert Upson

September 2016

Yiyi Ku

October 2016

20 years of FOML

November 2016

Bill Harrison

January 2017

Elise Malkowski

February 2017

Linda Seed

March 2017

Ruth Nolan

April 2017

Penny Alverson

September 2017

Lisa See

May 2017

Louise Mathews

June 2017

Nancy Dixon

October 2017

Carole Gift Page

November 21, 2017

Pianist Yiyi Ku
& Flautist
Kate Prestia-Schaub